So Tough
David Greenberger and A Strong Dog

PelPel Recordings PP-8712, 2013

  1. Tubes and Juice and Air
  2. Direct Deposit
  3. Landlords, Maids, and Men
  4. Another Time
  5. My Eats and My Sleeps
  6. Strip Poker
  7. A Robot, a Girlfriend, and a Playhouse
  8. Laugh About it Now
  9. Advice For Gentlemen
  10. Tramp in the Woods
  11. The Gospel
  12. I Don't Wanna Do That
  13. The Gone Piano
  14. Good Throughout
  15. Going Away, Going Away
  16. Games, Okay
  17. Halloween's Over
  18. Once in a Whirlybird
  19. The Age I Am
  20. My Goat
  21. Always a Dream
  22. Let Them Go

David Greenberger: talking, percussion, chorus vocals
Kevin Maul: lap steel, Weisenborn Hawaiian, electric, and bass guitars, dobro, chorus vocals
Mitch Throop: acoustic. electric, and bass guitars, snare drum, high hat, chorus vocals
Matthew Loiacono: banjo, floor tom, Casio SA-75, chorus vocals

Juli Wood: baritone and tenor saxophones, flute
Mark Greenberg: drums, percussion, bass guitar, vibes, marimba, organ

Produced by David Greenberger & Mark Greenberg
Recorded by Kevin Maul at Pinecrest Trailer Court, Lot 2 (Malta, NY) and Energy Eleven (Greenwich, NY)
Additional recording by Matthew Loiacono at Right Jamboree (Ballston Lake, NY)
Mixed and additional recording by Mark Greenberg at Mayfair Recording (Chicago, IL)
Mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M-Works (Cambridge, MA)
Paintings by Todd McKie