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They Like Me Around HereNew CD!

David Greenberger & Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound
They Like Me Around Here

SPECIAL OFFER: Purchase of this new CD comes with a free bonus of a limited edition CDR of They Like Me Around Here being performed live by David Greenberger & Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound at the Kohler museum in Sheboygan, WI, along with an issue of The Duplex Planet.

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Bonus CDR!

Recorded LIve at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Sheboygen, WI
17 November 2011


David Greenberger's CDs are now available for download purchase through Thirill Jockey.
Besides most of the titles currently available here on the site, the out-of-print Duplex Halloween Planet and I Still Feel Like Myself releases are also available.

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Growing Old in East L.A.
Completed this spring, Growing Old in East L.A. is a radio project produced by David Greenberger and Barbara Price in collaboration with Jay Allison and Atlantic Public Media with music by David Hidalgo and Louie Perez of Los Lobos. The program is part of  the California Documentary Project, a program of the California Stories Initiative. 

You can check the broadcast schedule or listen to the program at prx.org. For more information visit www.growingoldineastla.com.

David Greenberger & Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
1001 Real Apes

A new CD, 1001 Real Apes, with music by Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, was released in April 2006.

This new release can be purchased here.

1001 Real Apes, mixes David Greenberger’s monologues with music by Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. Apes is loaded with quirky stories, reflections, and opinions that Greenberger has culled from The Duplex Planet, his publication of conversations with old people – particularly drawn from the residents of the defunct Duplex Nursing home in Boston.

Greenberger offers up everything listeners have come to expect from Duplex Planet projects, plus some. The 27 stream-of-consciousness stories are alternately funny, moving, wise, silly, and inspirational, providing a unique view into the minds of the characters. They meander, as minds tend to do, through a terrain of guitars, travel, silverware, dating, beer, dinosaurs, and a perennial Duplex Planet favorite, “Snakes.” The moods range from the jazzy riffs of the insistent “I Ain’t Coe” to the prayerful mourning of “No Firebugs.” Working with producer Bill Scheniman (Deborah Harry, NRBQ, Bon Jovi) has also yielded a friendly, spoken-word pop song, “How Records Are Made.” Roll down your car windows, turn up the volume, and go for a ride; this song sounds like summer.

An audio sample can be listened to here.

The Public Radio Exchange will make the Duplex Planet recording archives available to public radio stations nationwide in June, 2006.

Transom.org, an internet showcase for public radio, will feature a main page story on David Greenberger and his radio project, Growing Old In East L.A. during June, 2006

Voices From The Cape is a new radio project being created with producer Jay Allison, under the auspices of Atlantic Public Media, including recordings with Boston-based trio Bangalore, led by Phil Kaplan (formerly of Men & Volts.) The works will be added to the prx archives and broadcast on the Cape and Islands NPR stations (WCAI, WNAN and WZAI.)

David Greenberger is working on a CD collaboration with composer and multi-instrumentalist, Ralph Carney (known for his work with Tom Waits and 70s band Tin Huey).

The newest release from David Greenberger and 3 Leg TorsoDavid Greenberger & 3 Leg Torso
Whispers, Grins, Bloodloss & Handshakes EP

This release can be purchased here.

David Greenberger - monologues
Courtney Von Drehle - accordion
Béla Balogh - violin, trumpet
Gary Irvine - drums, vibraphone, glockenspiel, xylophone, percussion
Michael Papillo - double bass
T. MacAoidh - vibraphone, glockenspiel, xylophone, drums, percussion

Whispers, Grins, Bloodloss & Handshakes is the second collaboration between David Greenberger and 3 Leg Torso. Fourteen tracks, all under three minutes long, reveal that everything (and everyone) belongs to somebody. The stories cover the mysteries of the world, from car chases to religious paintings, backyards to new horizons, dog tricks to washing machines, sitting in the bleachers to comforting widows.

Greenberger collected the stories on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard during a project produced by Jay Allison and the Open Studio Project for NPR affiliates WCAI and WNAN. Despite the stories' tendency to contemplate the end of life, the monologues have an intimacy that is totally unexpected. The music is seamlessly integrated with the mood of the words. As always, the emotional range of Greenberger's stories can take you from outright laughter ("Mudurian's List") to chills and tears ("The Last Words of Arthur Wallace"). Ultimately, David Greenberger's goal is to expose the richness of the whole person through humor and intelligence, with genuine tenderness.

The music composed by 3 Leg Torso provides shadings of character and shifting moods. Formed in 1996 as a violin, cello and accordion trio, the ensemble creates original modern chamber music for their unique instrumentation. Over the ensuing years the band has expanded both its musical mission and its size to become a quintet that now performs its eclectic synthesis of chamber music, tango, klezmer, Latin and world music.

2004 is the 25th Anniversary of the Duplex Planet
For 25 years David Greenberger has crafted stories developed from his conversations with old people in nursing homes and senior centers. Frequently humorous and always insightful, the stories reveal not so much oral history, but the immediacy of the current moment and the individual's frame of mind. With respect and affection, he portrays the elderly as individuals, exposing the myths of aging.

Legibly Speaking
The CD, Legibly Speaking with music by 3 Leg Torso is available in stores and can be purchased here.

The Peabody Essex Museum and the October 25th Coolidge Corner appearances will have an additional featured performance by actor Kevin McCarthy presenting a monologue based on the words of Henry Turner, a prominent repeating character in the Duplex Planet oeuvre. Henry is a remarkable figure – in part because of his ordinariness, in part because of his mental condition, and mostly because he retains his passion to create, to keep moving, and above all, to be respected.

McCarthy has extraordinary skill with invoking vivid characters, full of light. He has been a familiar stage presence in the Boston area for many years. Among his numerous film appearances are: David Mamet’s State and Main, The Love Letter, Act of Contrition, Monument Ave., Serial Interventions, Love Don’t Come Easy and Developing Sheldon (New Hampshire Film Expo Best Drama 2003.)

Two arts newspapers have recently published profiles on David and the 25th anniversary of The Duplex Planet, The Boston Phoenix and Albany’s Metroland.

The new Ed Rogers font is being released by P22 Foundry on September 1st.

Ed Rogers FontEd Rogers (1925-2002) was an unlikely and unintentional art figure. His art career began in 1981 when he met David Greenberger. As a resident of the Duplex Nursing home, Ed became a contributor to *The Duplex Planet* magazine. David included his drawings in many issues. Ed's dynamic lettering was a primary focus of nearly all his drawings. Later he was commissioned to create lettering for R.E.M. as well as releases by other musicians. Since 1994, his drawings have been featured in a traveling exhibition of outsider art. Ed Rogers' vibrant lettering is compelling in it's characteristic inconsistency.

This font set features digitized versions of his lettering for truly unique designing possibilities.

In May 2004, David presented the commencement address at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon.

Erin McKeown has recorded "The Door" on her EP Queen Of Quiet. Erin wrote music to a conversation with Abe Surgecoff, "Love Was Out to Get Me". Contact Erin at http://www.erinmckeown.com