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JACK MUDURIAN: Shoes, they hurt your feet, they pinch your toes. If
they're big enough they won't pinch your toes. I'm trying to get down to
the Fayva shoestore, they have the shoes I want. I tried them on and they
fit my feet but I didn't have the money to pay for the shoes, so I put them
back and put my own shoes back on and walked out of the shoestore. If I
become a bank robber I can get the shoes. I can't think of any way to get
38 dollars and 96 cents except to rob a bank.

ED ROGERS: Oh well, you have to have them, or you wouldn't be, I mean, you
have to have them because they're essential. You have to have them to go
anywhere or you can't go out. You have to have shoes to go, to go places. I
mean, they're necessary to you, to have something to replace them. That's
the reason they make shoes, is for them to wear, that's what they make them
for, they're made to wear, they're made for a purpose.


FRANCIS McELROY: I'd walk. I walk all the time now. I don't drive a car, I
never drove a car, I never went up for my license. And truthfully speakin',
I'm a great walker. I walked from the beginning of Tremont Street to
Ashmont Station.

KEN EGLIN: They don't make blue suede shows in the United States no more.
You've got to go to England to get 'em. I got the last two pair of blue
suede shoes at McCann's in Cambridge, before they went out of business.
They were brand new. And they still are brand new. I never took 'em out of
the box. I got blue and brown. I didn't wear 'em. I don't know why. I had
other shoes I was wearin'. I wore a lot of moccasins, so I didn't bother
wearin' 'em.

(from Duplex Planet issue # 11)

HAROLD FARRINGTON: They come in different sizes and they're flat on the
bottom, except for the heel. You've got to lace 'em up and tie 'em every
time you put 'em on. They've got a tongue and a heel. and there's different

ERNIE BROOKINGS: One thing is shoes are worn on the feet to protect them
from any sharp obstacles that might cause a bruise or a body cut.

ABE SURGECOFF: Shoes are in the bible. Read the bible in the library, and
it came out that you're not supposed to have sneakers on, just plain shoes.
And not torn stockings.

HARRY KATZ: Shoes? Shoes is what you wear, they carry you. Shoes is what
people wear. They're essential, they carry you. That's all I can say.

WALTER KIERAN: I don't wear shoes, I wear what I got on here, on my feet.
Slippers. That's all I know, they're slippers and I wear 'em everyday.
That's all I know. I know when I broke my hip it cost me $417 in the Salem
Hospital. Dr Brennan operated on me and he had a Japanese assistant, a

CHARLES TURNER: I don't wear 'em, only at a wedding or a funeral. I s'pose
they'll put 'em on me when I die.

(from Duplex Planet issue # 44)

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